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Michael J. Lantz, CFP®

Managing Principal
Certified Income Specialist™

What inspired you to work at Lantz Financial and when did you join the team?

I founded Lantz Financial four years ago, however, the idea had been brewing for the thirty years I had been in the business. I realized there was a need to be able to change and provide objective advice free from corporate objectives and to act as a fiduciary for clients. That was something increasingly difficult as the major firms consolidated. Lantz Financial strives to provide tailored financial and retirement income plans for the right clients that meets their needs and expectations. For the past two decades our focus has been on refining our clients’ income plans to help provide realistic income streams that they should not outlive. Starting Lantz Financial has helped allow us to accomplish all of this with an independent spirit rather than a boiler plate mentality.

What is your background including any unique skills or characteristics that you want to share?

Thirty years ago, I started in the business building up a clientele going door to door to meet clients in their homes. I spent many years at AG Edwards as an advisor and branch manager until they merged with Wachovia and what became Wells Fargo Advisors. During that time, I was fortunate enough to have earned many firm and industry recognition awards, such as the Forbes Best in state ranking and Chairman’s council from my firm for many years. However, what I am most proud of in 30 plus years in the business is putting a great team together and avoiding client issues. We take great pride in that as we feel that in the investment world there are no shortcuts. Our focus has been helping clients turn their life savings around and providing a lifetime income stream that helps allow them to be able to do what they want.

What are one or two things you do for clients on a day to day basis?

The bulk of my time is spent with clients evaluating their goals and the progress towards those goals through the use of our planning tools. We try to make sure we invest in the world we have not the one we want or the one the news outlets are talking about from day to day. Most of the investment research I conduct relates to how things fit into a client’s plan and very little time is spent on individual transactions. Our focus is long term investing as we believe that is the key to financial success. In addition, we are constantly evaluating risk as it relates to clients’ portfolios.

Outside of the office, what would someone find interesting about you?

Outside of work and the personal things listed below, many people consider me a “foodie”. Whether it's cooking or finding that hidden gem restaurant I guess I would say food is fun for me.

Is there anything personal you wish to share?

I attended North Central College and played basketball for four years, as did Dan and Derek,. I have four children, two of which attended Purdue University, one is attending Colorado State University, and my youngest is at Neuqua Valley High school. My outside interests consist of food, of course, as well as basketball, golf, reading, and travel.

The Lantz way

Step 1: The psychological aspect of finances

Step 2: Assessing your assets, liabilities, and sources of income

Step 3: Mapping out your expenses

Step 4: Meeting with your Lantz financial advisor to develop your plan 

Step 5: Monitoring and maintaining your plan

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