Derek Raridon

Financial Advisor

What inspired you to work at Lantz Financial and when did you join the team?

Working in the financial advising industry is what I originally wanted to do out of college and shadowed Mike for a day during my sophomore year of college. We have the unique opportunity to work with someone from the time they begin their careers and investing until they’re well into retirement. The ability to build significant and meaningful relationships through the financial planning process is what I’ve been passionate about, and the entire Lantz Team shares that passion. Right out of college I began my career in the corporate finance world, but I consider myself fortunate to be part of the Lantz Team for the past two years.


What is your background including any unique skills or characteristics that you want to share?

I have a corporate finance background, and my skills acquired in that field have helped develop my analytical mind set. The attention to detail from previous experiences has certainly crossed over into my role at the Lantz Team. Currently I’m in the process of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Professional.       


What are one or two things you do for clients on a day to day basis?

Daily I am reviewing clients’ retirement income projections and researching new opportunities for clients to meet their goals. I also double as a technology/software specialist when questions arise from our Advisors or Operations team. Lastly, I try to focus and connect with our Millennial clients given that they are my contemporaries.


Outside of the office, what would someone find interesting about you?

I am a huge sports fan. While I’ve been a Naperville resident for 15 years, my hometown is Lincoln, NE so I’m a big Husker fan. That was more fun to admit in the late 90’s though. I’ll also watch any Chicago sports team, and I recently started getting into yoga in hopes that it will help improve my golf game.


Is there anything personal you wish to share?

As a coach’s son, I come from a basketball family. My dad coached me during my time at North Central College along with my brother Mitch as the Assistant Coach, and together we helped lead a talented team to the Division III Final Four. Along the way I was recognized for some personal achievements like National Freshman of the Year and All American, but I now get the chance to watch my little brother shatter many of the records I was fortunate to set.However, all the praise goes to my mom. She not only puts up with a college coach but also raised three boys who all played for their dad.


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